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Cheeky International

Date of Birth:  June 2021

Education: Beauty Parlour and Beauty Salon

Country of Origin/Parents:
          Mother: United States
          Father: United Kingdom

An expert in the field of international Cosmetics putting her best face and hair forward, Cheeky International is the newest member of International Cosmetics.  As an expert spokesperson of International Cosmetics & Regulatory Specialists, L.L.C. in the U.S. and International Cosmetics & Chemical Services, Ltd. in the UK & EU, she guides her clients through the complex maze of constantly changing regulatory laws. 

Cheeky’s extensive experience has given her unique expertise in worldwide regulatory systems, with a specific focus on the European, United Sates and Canadian cosmetic industries.  She is a Cosmetic genius in the United Kingdom, European Union and United States and the mastermind of imparting beauty tips worldwide.

Cheeky loves sharing her knowledge and has several short clips where she provides valuable information on specific regions for regulatory compliance.  She knows the importance of training and education needed to fulfill expected government requirements for current Good Manufacturing Procedures. 

Cheeky has videos that cover the European and United Kingdom cosmetic requirements under 1223/2009 EC Cosmetic Regulations.  Join her as she identifies the needs of those regions to import your cosmetic products.

Join her on a journey through Canada’s requirements for cosmetics and drugs.  While closely related to the US regulations, there are surprises along the way. And finally, join Cheeky on a ride over the FDA requirements for the United States.  The regulations are not too difficult to manage but are hidden and feel like you are trying to find Waldo sometimes.

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