About Us

International Cosmetics has a team of dedicated professionals and specialists whose services include Responsible Person, EU Regulatory Compliance and U.S. Regulatory compliance services to manufacturers, distributors and marketers of cosmetic products in Europe and in the United States. To ensure compliance with the cosmetic regulations, International Cosmetics is the ideal partner.

legalmessOur hands on experience working in corporate Research & Development and Product Quality allows us to provide our clients with a greater understanding of regulations as well as chemical and cosmetic product registration requirements. As ISO Designated Experts, we are involved in creating International Standards for cosmetics, so we can help clarify the complexities to our clients.

International Cosmetics is the industry leader in providing expertise in regulatory compliance needs for the Cosmetic and Chemical Industries. We help manufacturers, distributors and marketers worldwide in the areas of Regulatory Affairs, International Product Representation, Product Registration, and International Labeling Compliance. With offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, we have global expertise and reach!

International Speaking Engagements

Because we are well known in the Cosmetic / OTC Drug and Chemical industries in both the United States and Europe, we have ongoing speaking requests from a variety of associations and workshops. Our expertise and long term relationships with these trade organizations has given us the opportunity to share our knowledge with foreign governments worldwide, including England, China, Germany and a host of others. Please contact us if you would like additional information.