Bypass the middle man and let us represent you in both the EU-27 and the UK!

Let us represent you for both the EU-27 and the United Kingdom!  Make your life easy and let us do it all. We can be your Responsible Person for both the UK & EU-27.

  • No membership requirements
  • No mandatory association annual fees
  • One call to us for both the EU-27 & UK compliance
  • Superior customer care
  • Project tracking for your peace of mind
  • Over 20 years in business

A Regulatory Company
International Cosmetics is an industry leader in providing expertise in regulatory compliance needs for the Cosmetic and Chemical Industries.  We have been in business over 20 years, helping clients worldwide with their regulatory and compliance needs.

Not an Association
We are not an association, so by coming to us, you bypass the “middle man.”  There are no membership requirements and no mandatory association annual fees to bog you down. We can save you time and money by going direct. 

Our Mantra
We pride ourselves in our superior customer care and knowledge of all compliance regulations, which often change quickly.   We keep your project moving and on track and provide regular status reports to you for your peace of mind.  We’ve been helping international clients with their regulatory needs for over 20 years.

Experts on Staff
Our staff includes Scientists, Chemists, Research & Development Experts, Product Quality Experts, Regulatory Compliance Specialists, Packaging & Labeling Specialists as well a sophisticated and knowledgeable Marketing & Communication Team.

What You can Expect
You can expect to receive excellent client service and you will be amazed at the knowledge base of our company.  Contact us to learn more about our EU-27 & UK Responsible Person Program.  Let our experts help you! 



  • CPSR/Safety Assessment – one collection for 2 Regions (EU & UK)
  • PIF – one price for 2 Regions (EU & UK)

Let us take care of you and your products.  As your Agent, we:

  • Prepare your Product Information File with Safety Report (PIF)
  • Guide you on labeling requirements
  • Provide you with our EU address in Dublin, Ireland for packaging and selling in the EU-27
  • Provide you with our UK address in London, England for your packaging
  • Prepare your Product Notifications (CPNP)

We have three international offices to serve you:  International Cosmetics & Chemical Services, Ltd has two locations:  Dublin, Ireland, which represents all EU-27 Member State countries; and London, England, which represents the United Kingdom (UK). Our United States headquarters office, International Cosmetics & Regulatory Specialists, LLC, is located in Manhattan Beach, California, near Los Angeles.

Let our experts help you!  Contact us today!

We would be honored to have you join our long list of satisfied clients!