Hand Sanitizer Production Fast Track to FDA Registration!

You make the product

We'll get your products & manufacturers FDA-qualified immediately!

Meet the consumer demand caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic!

FDA will now allow qualified drug manufacturers to compound hand sanitizers to the standards set forth by the FDA.

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Regulatory Services

Product Registration & Regulations Made Easy

Providing expertise in regulatory compliance needs for the Cosmetic and Chemical Industries.  We help manufacturers, distributors and marketers worldwide in the areas of Regulatory Affairs, International Product Representation, Product Registration and International Labeling Compliance.  With offices in the United States (Los Angeles), United Kingdom (London) and the European Union (Dublin, Ireland), we have global expertise and reach!

We Serve the Following Sectors
Retail (mass market) | Direct selling (multi-level marketing) | Infomercial/Script | Professional/Salon Boutique Specialty | Web Only Marketers | Contract/third party manufacturers
Intlcosmetics.com is a website designed to provide information to all of our cosmetic clients and future clients. For our non-cosmetic clients and future clients who produce and manufacture Over The Counter (OTC) drugs, such as hand sanitizer, sunscreen, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant and toothpaste, to name a few, please visit ICRSRegulatory.com