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A Push for Clean Beauty

Clean beauty is creating quite a buzz right now. Many companies and brands are pushing for clean beauty products, but there is no legal or official definition of what clean beauty is. Because there is no official definition, brands are claiming “clean beauty” standards that align with their own agendas. The industry consensus is that clean refers to products that favor natural ingredients, but still include synthetic ingredients that have been deemed safe for people and the planet. These clean brands typically avoid ingredients or chemicals that can be irritants or allergens. Some brands define clean beauty as “natural” or “organic”, however, those buzzwords are not a requirement to be considered clean, and those claims can trigger other requirements. The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) does require companies have the ability to prove that their products are safe.

The European Union and the United States regulate their chemicals differently. For a US brand to market in the EU, it would have to adhere to the EU standards and vice versa. While each standard has a different approach, both the US and the EU have the same goal: to assure that products are safe for the consumer.

If you are considering creating a clean beauty brand, remember that your product must be safe and have clear and transparent labeling. Labeling should be appropriate for all places that your products are marketed, as all countries, and even some individual states in the US have different requirements. All claims must be truthful and be able to be proven, as required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the US, and similar agencies overseas.  Also, while it is a good idea to be mindful of the ingredients in your products, it is important to monitor changes as the science continues to evolve. The cosmetics industry is continually innovating, and scientific studies continue to be done to assure that any and all changes within the industry continue its enviable track record in developing safe products.

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