Stringent requirements for Cosmetic companies to sell products in Europe and other countries are being strictly enforced!

EU RP-Responsible Person - EU Regulation 1223/2009

EU Regulation 1223/2009, which went into effect July 2013, mandates that all products being sold in the European Union must comply with this regulation. Products must be represented by a legally qualified entity called a “Responsible Person.”

Let us be your EU RP-Responsible Person!

Our RP service provides the required notification, compliance and regulatory services to place and keep your existing cosmetic products in the 28 European countries. Our European location, as required, holds the Product Information File and Safety Assessment and is the address for product labeling.

Our EU RP-Responsible Person:

  • Is able to respond to all technical issues of products and ingredients
  • Understands Safety Assessment and technical criteria under the EU Regulation
  • Avoids creating additional concerns from authorities when audited, protecting confidentiality
  • Is responsible for chemical compliance
  • Assures that all details on product labeling are correct, including individual countries’ language requirements


Complete supply chain interruption and products pulled from the shelf!

Product Information File (PIF)

A technical file is required before every cosmetic product is placed on the EU market. The PIF must meet the European requirement for essential content. It is in a company’s best interest to avoid superficial and obscure content. This process is pivotal to forming a strong foundation for inquiries from the EU Authorities.

Companies who do not comply risk having a complete interruption of supply chain with the product pulled from the shelf. Our staff has a background in product formulation, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs to bring unparalleled expertise and practicality to the PIF.

Cosmetic Product Safety Report

This is Step 1 to European compliance. A legal, qualified and competent Safety Assessor is the key to your success or failure for this requirement. Don’t be fooled by Toxicologists who do not have the EU background, and in most cases lack of cosmetic formulations. This requirement is very specialized and can cost you time and money. The Safety Assessor is key to meeting all of the technical requirements under the 1223/2009 EU Cosmetic Regulation. We never use 3rd party Safety Assessors, your proprietary information is always safe and secure with us.

Safety Assessment

When marketing in the EU, the PIF must be linked with a qualified Safety Assessment and Cosmetic Product Safety Report, which is set up by the Responsible Person (EU RP). International Cosmetics will ensure recognition of all 28 EU Authorities to the legitimacy and qualification of this document.

Our highly skilled and experienced staff has attended universities on both sides of the Atlantic, including Belgium, the U.K. and the U.S. As a result, we understand the approach by both American and European companies. Our qualifications and EU contacts provide the best insurance and safety to keep your supply chain permanently uninterrupted.

Labeling & Claims Compliance

The label and what you say about your product can be the difference of success or failure in more than one way. To most companies, these are their babies and they want them to grow healthy and strong, and that can be a struggle. Every product label is important to the legality of your product(s). Simple claims can backfire by changing the classification for the product. A UV claim in the USA means the product is a drug while a UV claim in Europe can satisfy a cosmetic classification. It is often the first view the government authorities see of your company and products. First impressions are the most important; it applies not only to people, but products as well.

Cosmetic Product Notifications (CPNP)

Europe (28 EU Member States) require compliance to 1223/2009 EU Cosmetic Regulation. This is the last step that confirms compliance and provides electronic proof to each EU Member government authority. Don’t get caught with a CPNP registration without proof of Product Information File (PIF) by a Qualified Responsible Person (EU RP), or conversely no PIF and no CPNP.